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[ Selected Works ]

Role: Collaboration/Fabrication

Audrey Kawasaki is an artist based in Los Angeles who primarily uses oil on wood for her gallery works. We've collaborated many times over the last decade to expand her work into merchandise and three-dimensional pieces for display. 


Project for Giant Robot's IN BOX show, curated by Audrey. Box frame built by Robert Humm. For this project, Audrey provided drawings of all pieces, which I then vectorized. Together, we engineered inserts for pieces to sit solidly in exact spacing within the box. I laser cut and lightly sanded all pieces, then handed to Audrey for preparation and painting.

Laser-cut wooden brooches: Audrey's first release outside the painting/print markets. This collaboration began with a drawing from Audrey, and had several digital/physical versions before the the final brooch release. A small batch was created for an international friend & family beta test, before a final iteration was made and production began on the full run of 1200. Each brooch was laser-cut, hand cleaned, coated, and included a gold clasp on the reverse. 


3 pieces for separate shows. Each was based on an original outline drawing, laser-cut out of 1/2" wood, then given to Audrey for preparation and painting.

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