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misc. ui & Interactions

A small collection of UI & Interaction designs, both shipped & concept. 

Unity - Proposed UnityLearn space-building process. Adobe XD

An approach to collecting user intent data (i.e. interests, goals, experience level) during a new user’s onboarding to the Learn platform that would maximize the number of individuals who would provide the data vs. skip or bounce from the site.

Liquid - Full Vendor Profile Page CMS build process. Figma

Creating vendor tools for Liquid (a company who had primarily focused on building client-side tools). This CMS creation process informs a public-facing profile page, which potentially becomes the user's primary professional site: one more capable than competitors' professional profile pages, and not as cumbersome as creating a business page on a website builder.

Liquid - Reports calendar modal UI process. Figma

Update for date-range interaction within the reports section of both vendor & client side CMS.

Teenage Engineering e-com app. Sketch

Proposed mobile e-commerce solution utilizing brand's existing style-guide and product-line software UI elements.

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