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Lexus Vehicle configurator

a micro case study


  • Figma

  • Jira/Confluence

The following is a glimpse into the redesign of the Lexus Vehicle Configurator, an integral portion of the toolset. 

This project took a look at the aligned legacy build tools for both Lexus & Toyota, to benchmark test and redesign around their largest pain points, launching a more usable & delightful tool within their shopping funnel.

On the Lexus side, this launch was made possible with:

  • Involvement from 50+ Team One team members

  • 36 Sprints = 72 weeks of execution

  • 1,500+ Jira tickets

  • Countless meetings and collaboration sessions with 7 other partner groups outside of Team One

Within days of launch, the tool was featured (without PR) by Car & Driver, Road & Track, The Drive, and others.


  • Managing UX Team

  • Collaboration across agencies, teams, and brands

initial benchmark testing

We began this process with usability testing on the previous version of Lexus' Configurator.


26 participants (spread across Mobile & Desktop) were surveyed & tested autonomously, lightly guided through the tool's steps, and asked to convey all thoughts aloud throughout.


1. Sentence Completion

Understanding positive/negative experiences on vehicle configurator tools with expectations & needs.

2. Usability Test & SUM Evaluation

Observing ease of use for key tasks within the vehicle configurator, as well as gauging satisfaction.

3. SUS Evaluation

Retrospective usability assessment of the vehicle configurator tool as a whole.

  • While wayfinding to the tool itself was easy, shoppers struggled to find a trim's features, and later, a way to compare their builds.

  • Satisfaction at the end of a build remained low, regardless of device, in part due to how interface interactions affected information consumption.

  • Smaller screens, limited field of view, and slow load times hindered the configurator experience on Mobile, more often than Desktop.

Shoppers found the usability of configuration to be lacking, for a total actual score of 54%. Measuring the tool as a whole themselves, the usability was found to be similarly low, at 67%.


​Not Working - Understanding Options:

  • Users were misdirected to another build when choosing an "Available with Select Options" color swatch. Most all testers struggled to scroll upwards and retain option lists/imagery within their viewport.


  • Configurator can lean towards visibility of key details, and clarity of selection consequences.


​Not Working - Location of Inventory:

  • Many testers expressed a desire to view available inventory for similar builds that exist on dealer's lots


  • Configurator can provide Lexus Search Inventory Tool entry at all times, passing selected parameters into inventory filtration.

​Not Working - Price Transparency:

  • Many users consistently scrolled to check pricing adjustments on mobile.


  • Configurator can feature consistent, sticky pricing visibility across all devices.

​Not Working - Finding Features:

  • Users noted their inability to attain and understand standard features across trims. 


  • The Trim Selection Page can ensure that it features additional details, and clarify that base-level standard features apply to all trims.


A look at the new
lexus configurator


Over the next many sprints, our UX team created options focused on resolving the issues found during testing -  bringing clarity across trim differences, maintaining price transparency at all times in multiple forms, removing confusion within complex selection conflicts,  inserting comparison options, allowing an easy pass-through to inventory, and more. 


These design solutions are green-lit, to be built and shipped soon, amongst others:

  • An extensive rework of user selection conflicts & resolution

  • A more robust view of Inventory options within the Build Summary page

  • Ability to filter trims by features

  • A further comparison of trims + Comparison of all recent builds

  • More clarified card conflict cues

  • A distinct experience for Lexus Bespoke builds

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